Company profile photography

Businesses need to build collections of photos regularly to update their websites, social media profiles, and content streams. This is essential for keeping customers engaged, and also a vital part of the SEO.

Company profile photos tell the visual story of your company, editorial style, from large panoramic shots down to the little but essential details. We offer commercial photography packages where you can do corporate headshots and company profile photos in the same day.

Product photography
With billboard advertising, product catalogues and online retail sites, a successful sale hinges on quality of the product. Does it look appealing? Is it properly lit? has it been positioned just right to show off its best attributes and competitive features? When you engage our photography team for your product photography, the answer will always be yes.

We can photograph large qualities of products at your location or in our studio. And when the photography is done, we meticulously edit each photo – delivering consistent, high quality and resolution images.

Wedding photography
Full day actual wedding photography, videography, morning highlights banquet showcase, outdoor and studio photography, childhood montage, live projection, photo booth, our chief wedding photographer will lead the crew.