Documentaries and short films offer a powerful way of promoting awareness and understanding a particular issue or subject. Recognizing the importance of these films, we work very closely with our clients to ensure that they meet their objectives

The Daud Studios is a well-established documentary production firm with a proud history of making award-winning documentaries in Uganda and throughout Africa. We are well-known for pioneering new techniques in documentary production, and for making films that are innovative in subject matter and style.

The Daud Studios is rooted in the African production experience, energized by continental expertise and the need to satisfy the global standard viewership quality demand. Our work is inspired by research and a deep engagement with the contemporary African and global social, political and economic way of life.

At The Daud Studios, we are passionate about finding and telling the right stories that help change the world. We partner with Corporations, NGOs and individuals who are making a difference, helping them extend their influence through strategic digital story telling that is not only creative, but effective.

We continue to push boundaries with our digital and animation work, on top of musical and humanitarian documentaries, now developing a number of features.