The digital revolution is a consumer revolution. Advertisers are no longer the sole proprietors of their brands. Today, brands are co-owned by their customers. To remain relevant within this people powered market place, brands must deliver shared value. Simply telling people about your products is no longer enough. You have to give them something in return.

We are a production house that defies traditional definitions in order to help our clients reorient their brands around their customers. We are constantly working to find unique ways to deliver experiences to consumers on behalf of brands, and showcasing how creativity is the ingredient of brands to truly become a part of popular culture.

The Daud Studios understands the complex dynamics of the entire connected consumer experience. It is this insight that guides us to create truly integrated experiences that have the power to transform brands.

Providing winning creatives comes from our great partnerships and the desire to do work that goes beyond advertising, and instead, lives in people’s lives.