The Daud Studios consists of an award winning team drawn from the world’s finest film, photography, TV, Music, and stage professionals, a veritable who-is-who of top-tier industry talent - producers, writers, camera experts, artisans, audio specialists, photographers, cinematographers, actors, stuntmen, creative directors, video editors, art directors, hair & makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists working with the overall vision of supplying content to audiences worldwide.

But machines are just tools. What makes The Daud Studios different is our people. Our award winning creative team is drawn from east Africa’s finest film, TV, Music, and stage professionals, a veritable who is who of top-tier industry talent.

What The Daud Studio offers, above all, is one stop shopping – the full range of creative services under one roof. We will work with you from pre-production (mapping out and concept) through production (shooting and recording) and on to post-production (editing and final finishing). We will help you conceive it, cast it, record it, and market it mind-blowing.