The Daud Group has a proud tradition of volunteerism and philanthropy. The Group’s social welfare program provides in kind and financial support to numerous local and African NGOs through The Daud Baraka Foundation.

Guided by the belief that the wellbeing of humanity is of paramount importance for social and economic change in Africa, The Daud Baraka Foundation is a not for profit organization that works to help people live healthy, productive and peaceful lives in Africa. We focus on improving people’s lives through opportunities that give them a chance to lift themselves out of illiteracy and other social and economic disadvantages.

The Daud Baraka Foundation is dedicated to availing free online business education and mentorship, setting up of early mentorship clubs, community libraries, scholarships; as well as establishing basic life utilities for children’s centers, centers for the aged, and orphanages – through volunteerism: “Make a difference in their lives” initiative.

At The Daud Baraka Foundation, we seek to ensure that all people, especially those with the fewest resources, have access to the opportunities they seek to succeed in life.